Good Bye!!!! Club Penguin!!! >:-)

I’m Saying Goodbye…. It means….


Insufficient Internet Acces
Can’t promise you a good source of Club Penguin News….
I hate club penguin a bit…

I think Club Penguin Must Change The age Limit into 7 -_-
Because CP is for kids… yeah… Don’t call me a kid because I’m quitting…

Other reasons:
Can’t buy anything!!!
Not Enough Friends!

Posting for a 1 minute of fame (If i post the first one!)

You Know what… My advantage here in Philippines is Every 12:00 in the afternoon Is another Club Penguin Day so I can start posting as Fast as I can… So someone who have a Popular Site… You Can Hire me…. (Just email me: )

Bye! See ya on other blog if someone hire me…



Sorry! Sorry! a zillion times!

Oh I forgot… this is Cyril490!

Sorry for not posting since 4 months and 2 days (well I’m not sure if this is exact days)

I have Internet Problems and I have just time to post right now:-(
I broke my modem!!!!

I will be back at the 2nd week of May! I promise that (My parents promise me that!)

See Ya!

New Igloo + Furniture!

Hey penguins! Puppa here with the new Club Penguin cheats, lets check them out!

Igloo Catalog:

First, click on the bar thingy.

Second, click on the door.

Don’t forget! There’s also a new igloo!

Better Igloo Catalog:

First, click on the sofa.

Second, click on the lamp.

Third, click on the ski.

Hm, what do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Puppa Is Back!

Yea, I have come back, maybe most you have noticed because I haven’t been posting, it’s because, I quit blogging. But, I will be updating this website. [Anything For A Friend ;)]

This is some of the stuff I will be doing for this website.

  • Making new headers. (My graphic skills have improved 300%)
  • Possibly getting a CSS. (Custom Background)
  • And for sure, I’m  going to purchase (No more :P)

I’m trying to take this website up too 100,000 hits, and hopefully, it will.

Bye for a Little while…

Hi!… This is Cyril490…

I would like to say bye for while… I’m really sorry!
I can’t connect to the internet since my modem is broken so… bye for a while! 😦 Im really so sad! I didn’t celebrate the New Year event on Club Penguin! -_-…. I need to wait until My mother make the modem get fix at soon as possible! The blog won’t be updated unless Puppa Post for me while I’m not on…
Bye! I’ll miss blogging!

Aunt Arctic + More

Hey Penguins, don’t forget to support me!

Aunt Arctic has arrived at the island at Club Penguin Island; and while I was waddling around the island I saw her.

Here is An Aunt Arctic Tracker, once again, I didn’t have the time to make it because I’m on vacation.

Tips On Finding Aunt Arctic:

  1. She is a green penguin with a pink toque and has a pencil behind her ear.
  2. She will be on peak hours.
  3. She will be on popular servers.
  4. Her favorite servers are Sleet, Frozen, Fjord, and Mammoth!
  5. Refresh Refresh Refresh! It is the best way to find her by looking at the tracker and Refreshing!

Christmas is here! New Pins and a Free Item!

Hello Penguins!

The Christmas Party is here at last! There’s alot of penguins for sure waiting for this event!

Well… This will be a short post!

The New Pin is on the Ski lodge attic! Come and Get it!

I forgot It’s name because i get it quickly! but come and get it in The Ski Lodge Attic!

And also… The Santa’s workshop is back!

(Click to enlarge)

There’s is a magic Sleigh ride that is exclusively for Members… and the prize is the Santa’s costume (I think)

and of course a new item!

It’s Santa’s Hat!

This Item can be found at ski village

This Item is new for those penguins who just sign up this year… and important for those who forgot to get this last year..

Explore the Penguin Island to see alot of colorful decorations, Christmas trees and more!

and that’s all for now!